Find a Lender



Finding a Lender is the first step in finding out how much you CAN & WANT to afford.

You want to work with a Lender that truly has your best interest in mind.

You want to meet with a few different Lender’s to see what ALL of your options are.

Think of it as an interview; this Lender will be working for you, so you want to make sure you “hire” the one that fits your needs.


How long has the company been in business? Check them out to see if they have a good reputation in your community

Is the Lender a Mortgage Broker? This will give them access to more loan programs

Can your interest rate be locked in? For how long? What will it cost me to lock in the rate?

Does your company cover any closing costs?

Is there someone I can talk to whenever I need?

Once you begin the actual home buying process and have an accepted offer I will guide you through other questions to ask about the particular loan 


Wailuku Federal Credit Union