Find Your Home & Submit an Offer



Purchasing a home will be one of the biggest decisions of your life.  To find your dream home on this beautiful island you must be prepared.  Homes pop up fast and go quickly, so allow Ashley to join you on this exciting venture to keep you updated at all times. With your best interest in mind Ashley will find you the best properties that fit your needs, as well as the unseen potential in properties that you may not have considered.  This will expand your opportunities for finding your dream home.  She will keep you informed throughout the process with professionalism and ALOHA.  Her goal is to make the home buying process simple and enjoyable.  

Determine what is important to you:

Home size, home amenities, schools, neighborhoods, monthly mortgage payment

Remember, especially in unique markets like ours, compromise and vision may be the key to landing you your dream home


Once you find your dream home, Ashley will skillfully help you in submitting an offer that you are comfortable with.

 She will evaluate the current market conditions; the offer will be based upon comparable homes sold, along with considering work that needs to be done to the home.

The offer can also include items you would like the seller to include in the sale, items for the seller to fix before you move in, or fee’s you would like the seller to help pay for.

Once you have reached an offer that you are comfortable with, Ashley will submit your offer, supported by your financial qualifications for a stronger offer, if necessary

ACCEPTANCE, COUNTER OFFER, MULTIPLE-COUNTER OFFER & REJECTION are all possible outcomes when submitting an offer

ACCEPTANCE: If your offer is accepted we will move forward with the contract and closing process

COUNTER OFFER: If the seller counter’s your offer, Ashley will help you in reviewing the counter offer and either accepting the new terms, or negotiating in your best interest

MULTIPLE-COUNTER OFFERS: If there are multiple offers, the seller may ask for your BEST and FINAL offer.  Ashley will help you to structure your best offer, one that is competitive, yet one that you are comfortable with

REJECTION: Sometimes if your offer is too low, or there are too many conditions to the contract,  the seller may opt to REJECT.  Ashley will educate you in providing the best first offer that you can while still getting you the best price so that chance of rejection decreases greatly

Ashley will guide you through the entire process and keep you informed and educated.  Make sure to read all contracts thoroughly prior to signing, Ashley will make sure you understand the terms you are agreeing to.

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