Why you need to Check YOUR Credit Score NOW!

What is a Credit Score?

Your Credit Score is a number that gives Mortgage Lenders a picture of your Credit History to determine if you qualify for a home loan:

How many lines of credit do you have open?

How much debt do you owe?
Do you pay your bills on time?
Do you have any accounts in collections or bankruptcy?

Why is YOUR credit so Important?

Your Credit Score Determines if you can get approved for a mortgage

Your Credit Score Determines What Types of Mortgage Loans you can Qualify for
Your Credit Score Determines Your Mortgage Interest Rate
A higher Credit Score & lower interest rate SAVES you $$$ on your mortgage payment


You will know where your credit stands!!

You will know if you need to improve your credit to get approved for a home loan!!

You will know if there are any credit issues that you can resolve now!!

Many people think they have good credit, but may not be aware of pending credit issues!!

Dealing with pending credit issues will allow you to get a home loan quicker!!

Even if you aren’t planning on buying a home in 2 years…check your credit now to resolve issues, sometimes it takes a while to clear up issues on your credit report!!

Get Educated & Check Your Credit Score HERE!

Ways to Improve YOUR Credit!!

Make payments ON TIME

Reduce the amount of debt you owe
Keep Balances Low on Credit Cards
Pay off/down debt rather than “moving” it around
Don’t open credit you don’t need
Seek Credit Counseling

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